About the Artist

Angelic Ezekiel is an artist and marketing professional. Residing in Palm Springs, CA, she finds inspiration in her travels and in reconnecting with her family in Maui, HI. Angelic's passion for art and nature shines through in her detailed and vibrant illustrations, capturing the essence of the places she loves. With her husband Brian and faithful companion Charlie, she embraces the beauty of life and shares it with the world through her creative endeavors.
Angelic at Big Beach in Maui, Hawaii posing for her coloring book called Aloha Garden based off of images taken in Maui
Aloha Garden coloring book is dedicated to Angelic's father, Glen Ezekiel, who brought her to Maui during her childhood and has since fulfilled his dream of living there. The drawings are inspired by his garden in Maui, and feature fruit trees he planted with his own hands.
My father in the aloha garden based off of the Aloha Coloring Book in Maui, Hawaii.